White Rabbit is a research consultancy built on the principle of delivering simple and easy to understand insights from the complex and often contradictory messages our clients receive from their customers.

We understand that sometimes the way consumers articulate their opinions and the decisions they make can seem confusing. Our experience and specialist techniques provide us with the tools to make sure that all our outputs are clearly defined and above all, make perfect sense!

  • About Kathryn

    Head of the warren is Kathryn Coles. Kathryn began her qualitative research career in 1994, and was a Director with HPI Research for many years before setting up her own consultancy in 2007. With the growing success of her business came the need to rebrand, and White Rabbit finally emerged in 2013.

    Kathryn is married with two daughters, Nancy and Martha. When she’s not working she can often be found chasing the kids down the road on their scooters and enjoying a cocktail or two (though not generally at the same time, unless it has been a particularly hard day). She loves getting out of London to visit family in Devon, and relishes any opportunity to get back to the coast, whatever the weather.

    Kathryn is a fully paid up member of the MRS, AQR and ICG. She has also completed the AQR industry mentoring course, and now acts as a mentor for a junior researcher.

  • Our Associates

    Whilst Kathryn is still intrinsically involved in all research projects undertaken, the White Rabbit concept continues to grow to include specially selected associates able to provide clients with the unique skills and techniques they require. Kathryn has gathered an eclectic range of associates to call upon to join the tea party when necessary – including qualitative consultants, quantitative experts and international partners – so all client needs can be covered.