White Rabbit Research offer a full range of qualitative services, all perfectly tailored to fit the requirements of your brief. Our experience and flexible approach are designed to provide a clear direction for your business.

White Rabbit provide flexible and responsive research solutions: whether your project is big or small, we can tailor our approach to fit your requirements – and unlike the rabbit we always deliver on time!

  • Our Services

    As you might expect, White Rabbit Research can offer a full range of qualitative services, all perfectly tailored to fit each brief. These include focus groups, depth interviews, accompanied shopping trips and co-creation sessions. Homework tasks and ethnography are also frequently used to more fully immerse ourselves within the wonderland of your audiences.

  • Key Areas of Expertise
    Advertising and Brand Communication Development

    This is at the very core of our business – developing brand communications and cross media advertising campaigns is what we love best of all. Our experience covers across a broad range of sectors including digital TV, confectionery, tourism and OTC healthcare products.

    In Depth Discovery

    For us, exploring the unknown is what it’s all about. We have employed our ethnographic skills across a wide range of projects: from looking at kids’ attitudes towards superheroes to where grandmas store their sweets and how men style their hair.

    Parents and Children

    As parents ourselves, we take both a personal and professional interest in brands that target parents and children. We have conducted a broad range of projects talking to mums, dads and their young ones, including rebranding a TV channel, confectionery NPD and fashion range evaluation.


    Exploring and understanding how people shop is another big part of our business (and a personal passion). Our experiences range from a multicountry study to inform the development of a new shop fit, through to brand strategy guidance and evaluating new product ranges. We have worked across a broad variety of retail outlets including fashion, lifestyle, supermarkets and even betting shops!

  • Our Approach
    “Curiouser and curiouser...”

    We’ve always been nosey and have spent many years developing our research techniques to help us find out what makes your target audiences tick.

    “Begin at the beginning and go on until you come to the end...”

    From the word go, we are committed to working with you to ensure that the right research techniques are employed to deliver what you need to know.

    “Which way you go depends on where you want to get to...”

    We pride ourselves on offering flexible solutions that can be specifically designed to fit your requirements, budget and timescales.

    “I don’t know the meaning of half those long words...”

    We are committed to keeping things simple – delivering clear, actionable findings that help you make the right decisions.

    “How puzzling all these changes are...”

    If you’ll let us, we like to develop long-term partnerships with our clients – this way we can conduct regular reviews to ensure your research is up to date and reflects the constantly shifting patterns of consumer opinion.